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Who we are

A brief history

Vincap B.V. Closures & Packaging is a dynamic company that was founded and is led by specialists with years of experience in the packaging industry.

By using our KNEF-strategy (Knowledge, Network, Efficiency and Flexibility), market and customers are served with the utmost care.

From the central office in Houten, we advise and supply to our relations in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.
We act on behalf of renowned producers in national and international markets.

**September 2019 Vincap joined the Berlin Packaging family of companies. To learn more about Berlin Packaging, click here

Why Vincap?

  • Knowledge
    Great knowledge of the market
  • Network
    Extensive (inter)national network
  • Efficiency
    Effective logistics and communication
  • Flexibility
    Inventory and Solution-oriented


Vincap B.V. works with BRC-IOP certified companies.

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Products of Vincap

A summary of our wide product range

Plastic Caps & Closures

Vincap supplies a wide range of plastic closures for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry. The range consists of screw, snap-on and twist closures for various diameters of glass and plastic packaging. In addition, these closures can be provided with various liners and pourers.

Metal Twist Caps

Vincap supplies twist caps in various sizes, colors and versions. Also caps with PVC-free compound belong to the standard options.

The caps are manufactured and delivered in accordance with the latest legislation and can be produced for pasteurization, sterilization and with or without printing.

Health & Wellness and Pharma Closures

Vincap supplies a wide range of closures for the Health & Wellness and pharmaceutical industry. For these products, both Unishells and CT’s (Continuous Thread) are popular options. These closures are available in metal and aluminum, with various liners and can be printed and embossed or debossed.

Plastic Packaging

Vincap supplies various types of plastic packaging for the food industry. Due to the wide variety of this range, these packages are now used in many other industries. Most packages can be supplied with IML (In Mold Label) or printing and are available in many colors.

More information about our products?

Vincap B.V. Has merged into Berlin Packaging Netherlands B.V.


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